Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fout la Merde!

This morning J and I were woken up by 10 French boys screaming "fout la merde!!!"  I happened to already be au courant of what was going on, but suddenly hearing shouts at 7AM isn't quite the way I envision the start of my morning.  You see, J's friends planned an all-day, overnight "enterrement de jeune garcon," what Americans like to call a bachelor party.  They had called me last week to inform me of their plan to kidnap J and bring him to Maastricht, the Netherlands.  I went to bed early the night before mais quand même; hearing there loud voices didn't exactly put me in the best of moods. However, when I saw the huge grin on J's face any resentment I was feeling just melted away.  He looked so darn excited I couldn't help but smile.  On the contrary, I spent the day visiting the florist, buying CD's to burn our playlists, and cleaning the apartment.  Perhaps a normal girl would be angry that her significant other was getting défoncé with his pals while she was busy organizing their wedding- but I'm just glad J's has such great friends that were willing to plan something fun for him.  

*Update*  J just called and said they're already on their way back to Paris.  Apparently they'll be drinking the night away at a friend's house and will go paint balling tomorrow.  Boys will be boys-- no matter what country they're from.

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