Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back in Action

After a very relaxing week spent laying by the sea, eating way too much couscous and drinking delicious mint tea from silver-plated teapots, I'm back in Paris.  Although still sans-emploi, I am lucky that I'm able to babysit for the two little French girls I used to watch after school while working as an assistante d'Anglais.  After finishing up an internship in June, the family asked me if I was free to watch the girls during the summer.  Summer has now come and gone and I'm still babysitting.  With my recent vacation in Tunisia and the wedding coming up, it would have been very difficult to start (or even find) a new job and then take time off.  I have applied for several bilangue positions and hope to find something for the beginning of October.  I'm also preparing my dossiers for several French universities as I would like to begin a masters in 2009.   

I really can't complain- my nounou position is just after school and all day on Wednesdays so I have the time to send out my CV, interview, and meet with wedding vendors (ugh).  Today being la rentrée, I had to go meet with the girl's mother so that she could present me to their new maîtresses.  This way, it isn't a surprise when a stranger comes to pick the girls up from school. 

My younger sister will be arriving in Paris Friday morning.  She will spend the year working as a jeune fille au pair and I'm really looking forward to showing her around this beautiful city.  It's hard when you live with someone who's been here his whole life; J doesn't get excited about seeing the lights on la tour eiffel or walking down old cobblestone streets in le Marais.  Even after two years here, Paris still gives me goosebumps.  

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Ksam said...

Your Tunisia pics looked so beautiful!! And I can't believe your sister is arriving already, time is going by so fast!

PS. I didn't make it to the Annie Lebowitz exhibit last Wed, so I'm planning on going tomorrow night if you're still interested...