Friday, September 5, 2008

5 Septembre 2008

A. and R. watching a spectacle

Yay! My sister is here!  J and I picked her up from the airport this morning and to help her get on Paris time, I had her tag along with me as I ran errands for the wedding and baby-sat the girls.  She's pretty much morte but I told her she's gotta stick it out!  When I come back to Paris after spending time aux States I always end up taking naps and then find myself awake during all hours of the night.   Naps are never a good idea when trying to get over jet lag!  

The family I sit for finally found someone to replace me and although I'm excited to continue a new chapter in my life, I'll be sad to say goodbye! I guess it's because I know in my mind that it's probably final this time. I'm 24, almost 25, and it's time to start a real career.  Next week I have two interviews, and I'm crossing my fingers that they both go well.  After having so many disappointments job-wise I've been a bit discouraged but I'm hoping something good comes my way.  I want to be another expat success-story in France, and je croise les doigts pour Sarah too!


misplaced texan said...

Thanks, Emily!! That's really sweet of you. And, I can't wait to meet your sister! It's funny, I was just telling Juliet that she needs to sleep on the plane and stay awake at all costs during her first day here until it's a decent hour to sleep.

Good luck with the interviews! I know you'll do great and land something soon! I have my doigts croisé for you, too! :)

Ksam said...

Yay! Glad to hear she made it to France safely. I definitely agree on the no-napping thing too.

Good luck w/your interviews next week!