Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It took me a few days to get myself together and write this post.... as I finally have to admit that I only have about 6 weeks left in Paris.

Husband and I have been planning to move back to the States since last year and although we originally thought we might leave this past September, school combined with the economic crisis have kept us here. As I'll be finishing up my internship at the end of December and will have fulfilled all the credits to receive my masters degree, we took this as an opportunity to make the big move. I'll be leaving at the end of the year and husband will join me in March when he's finished with school and has *fingers crossed* received his immigrant visa. We're hoping that the end of the US recession means a boost in the job market and a new job for me in 2010. During the past month I've applied for several positions and haven't had any luck yet -but I'm trying to stay optimistic. It's going to be a rough two months without J, especially if I haven't landed a job. And although we've done the long distance thing before it never gets any easier. Luckily I'll have my amazing family to support me. The plan, for now, is to move back in with my parents until I've found employment. I know this isn't very "cool" but it makes the most sense considering J and I will no longer have any furniture or even a car. Regardless, I've been pretty blessed in the parents department and I can't wait to spend some time with my family (it's been a year).

For now I'm going to make the best out of the time I have left here. Even though Paris will no longer be considered home I know my 3 1/2 year love affair with this city is far from over.

I've been trying to compile a list of things I must do before leaving, so feel free to give me any ideas! This is what I've come up with so far:

To Do List

1) Take a spin around La Grande Roue

2) One last visit to a Marché aux Puces

3) Have a cocktail at the Bar Hemmingway

4) Climb up la Tour Eiffel (still have never done it!) and have a drink at the bar à champagne

5) Take part in one of the many marchés de Noël and enjoy tummy-warming vin chaud

(Are you sensing a theme here?)

6) Visit le Musée d'Orsay (for the 20th time but it never gets old)


Stacy said...

Wow. Its great that you're taking this new step. From experience, the move back home is always a bit rocky, it takes a while for everything to feel normal again. But it sounds like you've got a solid plan and I'm sure this new chapter will be fantastic. Its funny b/c I'm leaving Europe too (in less than 4 weeks!) and haven't been able to bring myself to write about it yet... it doesn't seem quite real yet.
Anyway I've really enjoyed reading your blog, its been a nice link back to my Parisian life. And you're right, the love affair with Paris never ends! Enjoy your last few weeks in that wonderful city. I hope you'll keep us posted on how things turn out. Good luck!!

Emily Marie said...

Thanks, I'm really, really sad about leaving Paris but even though I love this city I don't feel as though I've ever really made it my home. I have some great friends here (and of course my husband who I met here!) but I still feel like "real life" hasn't started yet. My husband and I are still looking for our dream jobs and hope to settle into an apartment that feels right. We've been moving around forever so it's been difficult! We're excited about starting a new life in a new city. I'm really crossing my fingers for NYC!

Stacy said...

Totally understand. Paris was amazing for me but Rome, not so much. I guess when you start off with the mindset that a city is temporary it can never really become "home".
But if you get to NYC you must let me know! I'll be back home Dec 15th and it would be fun to meet for a coffee or something :)
Are you planning to stay in fashion? If so, NYC is really the best place to be... and it will REALLY help that you have French fashion experience... I went back last year and that's all the interviewers could gush about. I'm sure you'll find a job in no time.

sarah said...

Yes, you must go to the Bar Hemmingway. It was on my "Must Do" list in Paris. Although we didn't stay for more than one drink...they are around 30 Euro a piece! But amazing place.

Amber said...

Emily, i'm sad to hear that you are leaving France only just after i've discovered your blog! I hope that you will continue to write about your life and your readjustment/job search back home.
Enjoy the rest of your time here!

Anne said...

Two on my list are seeing a play at the Comedie Francaise and a ballet at the Opera Garnier. Bon courage!

Jessica said...

Good luck on the job hunt, I moved to France from Charlotte bc I couldn't find one. Hopefully something in NYC will open up in fashion in a year for me!

Musee is a good call, that truly never gets old. You and your husband should also take a night cruise on the seine before you leave. Somewhat touristy but still romantic to kiss on the Seine next the Eiffel Tower twinkling at night!

americaninparis42 said...

Is it weird that I'm sad to see you leave even though I've actually never met you? I don't know, you are part of my blogger world where I could relate to people in similar situations. I'll be sad that you'll be gone, but please keep us updated on the new chapter in your life. I do hope that after I finish school we'll be able to move to the US for a few years, so I would to hear how it will go for you.

And yes, enjoy Paris! The list you have looks pretty solid, I'm actually thinking of adopting certain things from it to help survive the winter! Wish you all the best.

Gillian said...

Oh mon dieu, I might have to help you with #3

Emily Marie said...

If you're up for a 30€ cocktail I'd love for you to join!