Monday, October 19, 2009


The weekend could not have come any faster. With a sore throat and never-ending cold, all I could think about was curling up on the coach in my pajamas with a cup of hot tea and a good movie. And that's exactly what I did - for two days straight. Only leaving the apartment for a quick trip to the supermarché, the cold nipping at my fingertips - I knew I would not be venturing out again. Growing up in sunny Georgia, autumn was once one of my favorite times of year. The changing colors, light breezes, falling leaves, football games, pumpkin-carving & apple-picking, tasty comfort foods, hot cocoa and cozy fires- everything about the season seemed so wonderful.

In Paris, it's cold but too cold. In the morning when my alarm sounds I wake up to the sound of raindrops trickling down my window and all I want is to go back to sleep. More freezing rain, I think. Another day where I regret not wearing more layers, and then cursing myself in the metro when I do. My office has yet to turn on the heat and if you take a look around you'll see people in coats and scarves in front of their computer screens holding their hands tightly around steaming coffee mugs. The once sun kissed and smiling faces of Parisians newly returned from les grandes vacances are officially gone. Paris has gone from summer to winter in a flash and I miss my Georgia fall.


Stephanie said...

If it is any consolation, here in Atlanta it's been very cold [frost last night], and lots of rain [22" since September 1st].
You aren't missing a thing!

Emily Marie said...

Well I guess that makes me feel a little better :) I would kill for a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte though! They don't do any special flavors here!

Jessica said...

I know what you mean! I just moved from Charlotte to Lille! I miss walking through the cute mountain towns in NC and drinking hot cider and watching the millions of colorful leaves all over the horizon!