Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thought I'd share what it's like being stuck at work in Paris in August. As you can see, my office is COMPLETELY empty. Looking down at the street from the window behind my desk Paris is a ghost town.
And isn't my office a mess? I hardly realized until I took a look at these photos. beurk.


sarah said...

Wow. I can't believe that you have to stick around with no one else there.

Baron Brown said...

Make it work for ya! I'd turn up the music, download an episode or two of your fav American TV show, munch on a pain au chocolat and chill ;)

Emily Marie said...

Well someone's gotta be there to answer the phone!

Don't worry about me, I've been enjoying the solitude- gives me more time to catch up on HBO shows I'm missing back in the US!

Alexandra Hilker said...

Hi Emily! I am new to your blog, came across it in my search for expats life in Paris, and I love it! I'm a recent college grad and just beginning an au pair experience in the city of light :) I'm going to be here for a year, and I'd love to hear how you went about meeting girl friends, getting your job, places you like and whatnot! I need a fellow American's perspective :) I'm excited beyond belief to be making the move there, but don't know where to begin! Any advice would be very much appreciated. Merci :)

La petite journaliste said...

Hey!! Just wanted to let you know I'm using a new blog - and would love to see you when I get to Paris middle of September!!


Hope you're well!


Em and GC said...

It's the same here in Italy, everything closed for the month of August. It's nice and strange at the same time, but I'm sure it's much better in Paris ;)