Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thought I'd share what it's like being stuck at work in Paris in August. As you can see, my office is COMPLETELY empty. Looking down at the street from the window behind my desk Paris is a ghost town.
And isn't my office a mess? I hardly realized until I took a look at these photos. beurk.


Love the name of this little antique shop in Montmartre!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I often get asked how I met my Frenchman. Although I would love to share some romantic love story I have to admit we met just like any young couple: in a bar. while drinking. heavily. No love at first sight or first kiss on the beautiful Pont Neuf or even a late night ride through Paris on the back of a scooter. It was simply another drunken night en boite with my girlfriends.

After becoming close with a group of Erasmus students from all over Europe, I made a habit of going out with them every Tuesday and Thursday night to take advantage of special student soirées where entry was free and the drinks were cheap. Tuesdays were spent at Duplex, an underground discothèque found on Avenue Foch just a few minutes from the Arc de Triomph. As the majority of clubs charge around 20€ just to get inside plus 15€ per drink, student nights were very enticing. This particular evening my Scottish girlsfriends and I decided to go all out and purchase a bottle of alcohol for €100 (usually 150 - 200€) thus allowing us to have our own table and even (gasp!) sit down. We had already been drinking beforehand so you could say we were already enjoying ourselves before even taking our seats. It wasn't long before we decided to hit the dancefloor. After a few vodka citrons I could feel the electro music pulsing throughout my entire body and decided I needed to ask someone to dance. Normally I wouldn't be so daring but with a little (ok a lot) of liquid courage I felt more than up to the task. I saw a group of good looking French guys near the bar and one particularly caught my eye. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up from his seat and enticed (forced) him to dance with me. Unimpressed by his moves but still very much impressed by his good looks we sat down to talk. Before long it was nearing 2AM and trying to be a responsible young adult with a job I decided it was time to go. I asked him for his phone, put my number in and said to call he if would like. I never expected to hear from him again. Low and behold the next afternoon I received a text in very bad English from him asking if he could see me again. Who knew this frog would end up being my husband! And the rest is history.....