Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day in La Campagne

Spending so much time cramped up in a tiny city (yes, Paris is actually very small) leaves one yearning for space, greenery and fresh air. That's what friends with country houses are for. This past weekend my lovely Spanish friend Vir invited J and I to her copain's country house in Verneuil sur Avre, a charming little town in la Haute Normandie about 1 hr and 1/2 from Paris. We played tennis, had bbq (French style of course with saucisses), went 4-wheeling, visited an old chateau and fed swans in a nearby lake. Ahhhh. I'm breathing better just thinking about it. Sometimes all it takes to feel better is a little campagne. Here's to hoping we get another invitation soon and that we actually get a taste of real summer weather.

Rain, rain, go away.....

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