Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Les Fripes

One of my favorite things to do is go thrifting. Although Paris isn't in the same league as London for vintage, there are several good shops in the Marais with lots of clothes to dig through and plenty of deals to be had. Today I spent the afternoon there with my sister, scavenging through old dresses and leather bags. I came out with a long-sleeved sweater dress that I'll have to get shortened, a polkadot button down dress, a black leather over the shoulder bag, and 4 silk scarves...all for €43! You won't find any designer names in these friperies but you will find some great no-name bargains! Afterwards we walked down the street to Myberry, France's own version of Pinkberry. Definitely lovely on a sunny afternoon :)
FREEP "S" Star
8 rue Ste-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie & 61 rue de la Verrerie
Mamz’Elle Swing
35 bis rue du Roi de Sicile
All at Metro Hôtel de Ville or St. Paul


Frou Frou said...
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Emily Marie said...

It may seem like a lot for thrift but you won't find much better than this in Paris! I think I spent too much on the purse (€20) but they weren't willing to negociate and I really loved it! Plus, I can spend more than €40 easily on just one item at Zara :)

Jessica said...

I love thrifting! Always post the awesome Parisian Thrift shops you find, I will check them out when I'm down!