Monday, April 6, 2009

A Metro No-No

Saturday night on my way out to meet a friend for her birthday dinner, I was jammin' out to God knows what on my iPhone while changing metro lines when I suddenly found myself at the bottom of a long set of concrete stairs.  I must have missed a step or something and tumbled down head first, purse flying through the air.  Somehow the front of both of my ankles were gouged and it was so painful I just sat down at the bottom of the dirty escaliers in shock.  I didn't even care that I was wearing my new Comptoir des Cotonniers dress or that my purse had flown 10 ft in front of me. Some sweet woman was nice enough to bring it over to me and ask if I was OK.  I finally got the courage to pick myself up and get into the metro only to discover that I had taken it in the wrong direction by mistake.  

I quickly forgot how much my leg was throbbing upon arrival at the restaurant - GR5, known for having all-you-can-eat raclette.  Yes, I let unhealthy amounts of cheese and wine soothe the pain (and the embarrassment) away.  

14, rue Saussier-Leroy
75017 Paris
Metro: Ternes (2)

Note to self: 4-inch heels + music + stairs don't mix well.

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