Sunday, April 5, 2009

Le Marché du livre ancien et d'occasion

Last weekend J and I spent a quiet afternoon having lunch with his grandmother at her flowery little apartment in the 15ème arrondisment. She's a great cook and always puts second and third helpings onto my plate even when I insist I'm no longer hungry. I always leave her place feeling stuffed. This time, after having a salad, way too much lasagna and at least 5 homemade choux à la crème, I told J we needed to get a little exercise. There is an open-air used book market right by her apartment that we passed by several times but had never gotten the chance to visit. J said he used to go often during his childhood and that we should check it out. It's located under old metal horse stalls- apparently it was formerly used as a horse slaughterhouse. yum. Today, between 60-80 bouquinistes (book dealers) set up shop every weekend.

I particularly enjoyed looking at the old French children's books. There were several "Caroline" books and J said his mom used to love them as a child. I found an old fashion history book that I really wanted but when I opened up the cover I was shocked: €30! J said we said we should try and negotiate but when we offered only €10 the seller laughed and said we had to be kidding! I put the book down, grabbed J's hand and decided it was time to leave. I was a little disappointed by the prices but I'm sure if you are someone that knows how to cut a deal, you might find yourself a bargain. There's also a nice little park next store so I would definitely recommend checking out the marché on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Le Marché George Brassens
104, rue Brancion - 75015
Métro: Convention (12) ou Porte de Vanves (13)

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