Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paris has been so beautiful this week! I don't remember the last time we had weather like this...not even last summer, which didn't feel like summer at all. Of course I'm now cursing having a job! The sun is out and all I can do is look through the window.

I don't have class this weekend so I'm hoping the sun stays out and I can go and lay by the pool at J's dad's house. I am in desperate need of a little skin color! Tomorrow I have the Sonia Rykiel expo so pictures are to come.........


schernow42 said...

Coming from California, the thing I realized about winter is it really makes you appreciate spring.

Jennie said...

The sun has been out here for a while too, but I've been sick and can't enjoy it. I hope the good weather continues, but I hear rain is coming for most of France this week.

I'll be working a second year as a lectrice in Chambery next year, which is why I have to stay there even if David is placed far away. I'm hoping no one else wants Chambery though and we can live together. Being apart will be very strange.

When will you two know about moving back to the US? Is it definitely happening?