Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I wouldn't recommend going to see the Sonia Rykiel exhibition unless you're a true fan of this French couturière, famous for her colorful stripes and for making knitwear fashionable.  I've never found her designs particularly interesting so I wasn't surprised when I found myself a bit bored during the exposition.  Luckily we had some overachiever museum guide to explain the history behind each piece otherwise I would have gotten out of there in under 15 minutes.  

Some highlights: the awesome black and white sweater that Carrie in SATC wore when she moved to Paris (I was so surprised to see this and had no idea it was Rykiel!  It's actually vintage from the 60's), and all of the designs created for Sonia's 40th fashion anniversary as well as the actual models.  I loved Martin Margiela's fur chubby made to represent Rykiels's notorious frizzy red mane.  So funny! 

Sorry for the crappy photos...we weren't actually allowed to take photos so I had to use the old camera phone :(


Anna said...

That sucks the exhibit was boring.

Yea I worked at Publicis Groupe! I was with the corporate communications dept in the Champs-Elysées office, too (all the way upstairs, on the mirrored floor). Is anyone hiring now? :)

Emily Marie said...

That's so funny! I miss working there and having cheap lunches at the cantine :)

I doubt anyone is hiring because of the crisis- plus it's even harder since you prob don't have the right to live and work and France. Your best bet would be to do another internship and hope they "sponsor" you at the end.....