Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The time off from scool has been quite lovely: waking up at noon, cooking big lunches, taking walks in the quartier and going to the ciné has all been a nice relaxing change to the weeks surrounding my final exams. I've never spent this much time at home before. I've even gotten used to the church bells that chime ever half hour from the beautiful Eglise de la Trinité as well as the sounds of scooters whizzing by and the honking that comes from living next to a fairly large Parisian intersection.

I finally welcomed some of my friends and fellow bloggers into my new crib. Although we're not fully settled in (I still have yet to hang up shelves or even get pictures printed to put in the 20 or so frames I bought for 50% off during les soldes at Casa), I cleaned up the place pretty well, set out some wine and apéritifs as well as some overcooked moelleux aux chocolat and we were good to go. My amazing little sister even trekked over to the Thanksgiving store to purchase cheddar and refried beans for seven layer dip. I would say the dip, her bag-o-margarita mix, and the ranch dip I had whipped together were the hits of the night. We chatted until nearly 2AM until I could barely keep my eyes open (J and my sister were already passed out by this point), and Miss Juliet was able to peel herself away from my bathroom floor. All in all, a success!

I also forgot to mention that not only was I called back for one interview but THREE! They all seemed to go pretty well and I hope that I have at least one positive response by the end of the week. You see, as much as I enjoy sleeping in, eating and taking naps, I do hope to have a more demanding schedule. School starts back this Friday and from now on I will only have class two days per week. I now have no excuse not to be back in the marché du travail! Fingers crossed once again.....

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Ksam said...

It was a fab party indeed and mega props to your sister for the 7 layer dip & the margaritas!!

PS. Awesome news about the interviews, can't wait to hear which one you got!!