Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The time off from scool has been quite lovely: waking up at noon, cooking big lunches, taking walks in the quartier and going to the ciné has all been a nice relaxing change to the weeks surrounding my final exams. I've never spent this much time at home before. I've even gotten used to the church bells that chime ever half hour from the beautiful Eglise de la Trinité as well as the sounds of scooters whizzing by and the honking that comes from living next to a fairly large Parisian intersection.

I finally welcomed some of my friends and fellow bloggers into my new crib. Although we're not fully settled in (I still have yet to hang up shelves or even get pictures printed to put in the 20 or so frames I bought for 50% off during les soldes at Casa), I cleaned up the place pretty well, set out some wine and apéritifs as well as some overcooked moelleux aux chocolat and we were good to go. My amazing little sister even trekked over to the Thanksgiving store to purchase cheddar and refried beans for seven layer dip. I would say the dip, her bag-o-margarita mix, and the ranch dip I had whipped together were the hits of the night. We chatted until nearly 2AM until I could barely keep my eyes open (J and my sister were already passed out by this point), and Miss Juliet was able to peel herself away from my bathroom floor. All in all, a success!

I also forgot to mention that not only was I called back for one interview but THREE! They all seemed to go pretty well and I hope that I have at least one positive response by the end of the week. You see, as much as I enjoy sleeping in, eating and taking naps, I do hope to have a more demanding schedule. School starts back this Friday and from now on I will only have class two days per week. I now have no excuse not to be back in the marché du travail! Fingers crossed once again.....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wedding Recap

When I started planning my wedding from Paris I was totally lost.  My mom and my bridesmaids were thousands of miles across the ocean and my future in-laws were totally clueless as to why I thought it was so important to choose matching ties for the groomsmen, having wedding programs or even flowers that went along with my wedding color theme.  That's why I started using the internet for inspiration and luckily stumbled upon wedding bee.  Seriously, this site was my savior and even 5 months post-wedding I still find myself checking out other girls wedding details!  My husband thinks I'm nuts!  When I went on the site today I was excited to see myself featured in Mrs. Onion's post on short dress brides.  She had asked wedding bee readers to send in any pictures of themselves in their short wedding gowns.  What's funny is that the whole reason why I found wedding bee is because I googled "short dress brides," found her blog and thus wedding bee!  It was just fate I guess!

I thought I would do a quick wedding re-cap just in case any bee readers buzz over to my little blog.  (Pictures below).  

I spent the morning of the wedding getting ready with my mother and bridesmaids.  While I was getting my hair and makeup fixed my girls were busy putting together martha stewart pom-poms that we would hang on the church pews.  When everyone was finally ready to go my sister and I hopped into the ex-calibur J and I had rented for the day while the girls got into a taxi behind us.  We made it to the church just in time...everyone was on the steps waiting for us!  The ceremony went by very quickly and before we knew it everyone was waving goodbye as we jumped into the car and raced off to Place de la Concorde for some unique Parisian wedding photos.  It was quite windy and the fountain kept blowing water onto us...freezing!  We got back into the car and headed over to the reception in the Bois de Boulogne, a park that sits on the western edge of the 16th arrondisement in Paris.  It was so neat to see all the wedding details together: the simple green and white flower arrangements, the chair covers with brown tulle ribbons, the wedding programs and favors that we had put together with our monogram, and even our polaroid picture guestbook station which everyone seemed to love.  Everything looked gorgeous!  J and I danced to Frank Sinatra's "I Love Paris," and then my father glided me across the dancefloor to Nat King Cole's "You are My Sunshine," a song he often sang to me during my childhood.  The cake was cut, the toasts were made, and we ate, drank, and danced the night away until it sadly came to an end at nearly 2AM.  J and I took a cab back to our hotel suite where we couldn't stop replaying the entire days events in our minds.  My friends who had come all the way to Paris to share our special day still tell us how much fun they had!  We wish we could go back and do it all over.  Vow renewal anyone?

Dress: Legends by Romona Kaveza, purchased at Bridal's by Lori in Atlanta, Georgia
Veil and Flower Clip: My very talented mother :)
Shoes (I had dyed myself): My Glass Slipper
Hair and Makeup: Elisabeth Coiffure
Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew
Reception Location: Le Pré Catalan
Photography: Halard Photographie

Wedding in Pictures

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm so relieved to be finished with my exams!  Luckily we're given a week and 1/2 of vacation so I'm going to use the extra free time to finish decorating and cleaning the apartment, look for jobs and hopefully line up an interview.  And of course there's the pendaison cremaillère this following Thursday so I'm looking forward to giving everyone a tour of the place.

J and I aren't doing anything special for Valentines Day....we're just going to take a walk and maybe have a drink in a café in the new quartier.  Finally some relaxation!

Joyeuse Saint Valentin to everyone, even you singles out there.  I spent 5 valentine's alone before meeting my chéri so keep your heads up!  It's just a silly made-up holiday anyhow :) Make sure you tell the important people in your life that you love and care about them (even though this should be done every day). 

Monday, February 2, 2009

This post is gonna be short as I'm just passing by J's father's house to use internet as we still have no tv/phone/internet in the new apartment. Hooray for France Telecom taking 2 weeks just to change an address and for having to be put on hold for 15 minutes and paying I don't even know how many centimes per minute only to speak with some connard who doesn't even know how to do his job! Vive la France!

I have exams starting Saturday and I can't even access my courses online. gah!!!

OK, breathe.

We still have several more trips to make to Ikea, bien sur, but the apartment is coming together nicely. I can't wait for this semester to be over so I can do all the fun decorating stuff and invite everyone over!!!