Wednesday, January 21, 2009


After popping by the new apartment to see how the renovations are coming along, I walk quietly down the rue Saint-Lazare towards the metro station.  A man makes his way towards me and when his mouth starts to move I take out my earphones assuming he needs directions.  "Bonjour mademoiselle, vous avez perdu....."*  I look behind me, thinking I've dropped something.  When I turn back around he looks me in the eyes and says "votre sourire."**  I wave my hand towards him as if to brush him away, and then continue on my way.

Just another day in France, another Frenchman workin' his charm.

* "Hello miss, you seem to have lost..."
** "your smile."

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carrieitly said...

Yeah, seriously? I've gotten that one too. Twice (do I look miserable?). Both times it was in Ireland, however I can't remember the nationalities of the "assailants"... seems to be making the rounds...