Monday, January 19, 2009

I've been trying to keep up my morale but it's been tough.  Paris and my apartment have been absolutely glacial and although we're planning the big move soon it all seems very stressful as we face problems with J's father (who has a history of mental illness), the job search, the never-ending bills, really long days at school (10+ hours) and trying to get everything packed while we should be studying for our partiels (final exams).  The weight of everything has hit J hard and he constantly threatens he won't have his diploma by the end of the year, that he just wants to pack up and move to the US, ultimately leaving all his problems behind him.  I try to explain that this isn't the solution and that everything will be fine if we just stick it out together.  

On a happier note, yesterday J and I took a break from all the stress and had lunch at Breakfast in America.  I wouldn't recommend going on Sundays as you will more than likely wait in line for over an hour, but I do approve of the food!  If you like authentic American breakfast (pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs) or even the classic hamburger or hot dog, you should definitely check this place out if you're ever yearning for a taste from home.  yum!

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Princesse Ecossaise said...

Mmmm yummy, it looks good! I will have to try that place out! I'm impressed your Frenchman ate savoury stuff for breakfast as FP was absolutely disgusted once when I tried to make him eat an egg in the morning! Mine's a strange one!

Sorry to hear things are stressful at the mo. January is always a crap month, but it's almost over and hopefully things will look up for you!