Saturday, January 24, 2009


I thought I would share some of my photos from the last bit of renovations happening before the big move next Tuesday.  For the first time (after living 2 1/2 years in Paris) I will have an oven, a dishwasher (gasp!) and a closet!  I've had to store over half of my wardrobe in suitcases for way too long and I can't wait to actually see all my clothes hung up in one place!  I love the old black and white tiles we have in the kitchen and the fact that we even have enough space to add a little table and chairs to eat dinner like normal people (normal people in the USA I suppose).  We'll also have a living room with several large windows that actually let in sunlight, plus the space is big enough to hold  a couch and chairs, coffee table and desk!  We will indeed have a bedroom (yes, a real bedroom, with a bed!).  It's amazing how sharing 30m2 with someone for over a year gets you excited about the small stuff.  

The whole moving thing will be a lot of work but it's gonna be so worth it!  Get ready for our pendaison crémaillère*

*housewarming party


misplaced texan said...

Woohoo! Looks like it's coming along well! Let me know if you need some help putting things away, or want to take a break and have a coffee. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages!

Emily Marie said...

I will! Things are gonna be pretty hectic but I think we'll be ok....I'm just worried because I have exams soon and I need to study as opposed to getting everything situated in the apartment! I'm so excited to start decorating and all that but i have to wait :(