Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back in FREEZING Paris/ Happy New Year!

J and I just spent two wonderful weeks with my family and friends in the US.  We ate, drank, and shopped ourselves into oblivion and it was marvelous!  I got to meet up with friends I hadn't seen since last Christmas, brought J to his first American basketball game and even tried over 60 flavors of Coca-Cola beverages at Atlanta's new World of Coke museum.  I watched movies with my baby sister (she's 13), sang karaoke with my Dad, celebrated my 25th birthday with my family and rang in the new year with my parents, friends, and neighbors by my side.  Everything felt so natural: cooking and eating with the fam while listening to the sounds of football blaring on the tv, running over to Target or Walmart for some last minute thing, grabbing chips and cheese dip at the local Mexican joint, paying only $30 to fill up the gas tank.  It's amazing how I can just jump back into the routine of my old life, even with J by my side.  Of course I wasn't looking forward to leaving but I was still excited about starting the year fresh: continuing school, my new internship and moving into our apartment. 

After traveling almost 14 hours I arrived in Paris yesterday morning, dropped my bags off and showered at my apartment and went straight to work.  I wanted to show that I was motivated and willing to be there even after missing a night's sleep.  Staying until 7PM,  I grabbed my coat to leave and the boss pulled me aside and asked to speak with me. He told me it just wouldn't work out; that they really need someone full time, someone that doesn't have school during the week.  All this came as a complete shock.  I had only worked about a week and 1/2 before leaving for the US.  I just think they shouldn't have taken me on as an intern if they were going to change their minds so quickly.  

I spent last night tossing and turning because of the jetlag and because I had too many thoughts running through my head.  Back to square one: sending out CV's and setting up interviews.  I guess this just isn't where I thought I'd be at 25 and I'm a bit disappointed.  But as I look back on 2008 I can't say I didn't have a great year:  I moved back to Paris, married the love of my life, traveled to Holland, Tunisia, Italy, and England and got into French grad school.  Of course I'd like to find another internship ASAP but my newfound free time will allow me to study more for my upcoming finals, go to the gym, spend more time with friends and move in and decorate the new apartment (crossing my fingers for the end of the month).  I'm trying not to let this little setback get me down.

Here's to hoping for a meaningful and successful 2009!


misplaced texan said...

That's really insane about the internship. Doesn't an "internship" generally acknowledge the fact that you're a busy student on the side? It's their loss anyhow. But, I will say that free time is priceless, so it's great that you plan to make the most of it.
I feel the same way you do about "where my life should be," but in the end, it's not about what should or could be, it's about being happy. And, it seems you have a lot to be happy about this year! See you soon, sweets!

Ksam said...

Oh that sucks!! But on a positive note, does that mean we will be seeing you at rhumrhums tomorrow night?? ;)

Emily Marie said...

I would love to see everyone at FND's on Friday but I have class at 8AM saturday!