Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I got through my first set of French exams....I won't know for a week or so if I've had la moyenne on each exam (12/20 at my école), but for the time being I'm just glad they're over! I had one class this morning and afterwards caught the metro to La Muette so I could take a relaxing stroll down the Rue de Passy. For once the sun was out in Paris and I was able to take advantage of a lovely fall day. While browsing all the cute winter clothes in Zara, I decided to check out the little girls section. I'm super short so sometimes I can fit into little girls sizes and the clothes cost around 30-50% less than they would in the women's department. I walked out with a winter coat, dress, belt and purse for under 100 Euros!

I am still working part-time when I'm not in school and will continue until J and I leave for the states over Christmas holiday. Afterwards I plan on finding an internship that corresponds with my MBA program. There's really no point in continuing my current job except for the money--I absolutely hate it (and my boss and her ridiculous requests) and it's not what I plan to do for a career. The search is on again for a new boulot and this time I plan on being more picky. I won't just accept anything just because they are willing to hire me! No, not this time!


americaninparis42 said...

Wow, you got all that for under a 100 euros? Maybe I should try the kids section...Anyways, congratulations on finishing your first exams!

Emily Marie said...

Thanks! Yeah...the jacket was the most expensive thing (50 euros); but still, it was a steal! Some of the stuff is a little too "little girl" but some is pretty trendy!