Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Paris, why oh why do I love Paris?"

It's uncertain how long J and I will stay in Paris. Although it's been my dream to come and live in this magnificent city since I began studying French in collège, J has strong aspirations of starting a life together in the states. Nothing is planned for the moment...J still has to finish school and we definitely need to save money but it's something we talk about quite often. A plan is in the works.

I guess this is why I really wanted my Parisian wedding; I wanted to share my amazing home with friends and family while I'm still living here. To me the idea of being married in Paris was (and is!) utterly romantic....I know it's so cliché and you'd think I'd be over it after two years here- but I'm not. I wanted a classic American wedding (with bridesmaids and even a color theme) and a reception that was typically French. Overall, I wanted Paris as a beautiful backdrop and this is exactly what I got.

I spent my wedding day in a hotel suite getting ready with my mother, two sisters and best friends. When we were all beautified and had enough champagne running through our veins to finally relax and have a laugh, we were called downstairs to be transported to the church. My sister and I hopped into the old convertible excalibur J had rented for us; the rest of the group took a taxi. We all drove down the Champs-Elysées to the Quai d'Orsay in disbelief; what a gorgeous day for a wedding! Everyone was waiting on the steps of the old stone church to catch a glimpse of the bride. The ceremony then went by effortlessly; my sister and J's best friend read a short excerpt from "Le Petit Prince;" my father and baby sister sang. There was the kiss, the hugs between friends and family, the exit with bubbles. And then J and I were off to capture the Paris that I wanted to remember in photos......


Susan in Lille said...

Wow...your photos are magnificent! I am getting married on the 25th here in Lille. I hope I have even a slice of your gorgeous day! I am worried that it will rain all day because the weather here has been so great I know it can't last long... But congrats on your big day!!

Crystal said...

I love love love those photos! They are all beautiful, but especially the last one. I regret not having a lot of photos from my wedding (or a gorgeous backdrop) but I think after the "charm" of the wedding day itself wears away, the only thing that matters is having a happy home life with your new hubby!!

Starbucks in Paree sometime soon avec moi?

maxime said...

I've just bumped in your blog !
Really nice wedding and good pics aswell!
Wanna wish you both all my best
you could still visit Paris at this link (for free)

Enjoy life!

Maharani said...

I just love your pictures from your wedding!!!! Gorgeous! My fiance and I are coming in March and would LOVE to have some photos done. Who did yours????

Emily Marie said...

Thanks so much, I was really happy with the pictures! The guy that did that is named Luc Halard. Here is his website: