Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crunch Time!

It's only 13 days until election day in the USA  so that means everyone needs to get out there and exercise their right to vote!!  I've never been so excited about a presidential race before, nor have I been so passionate about a candidate.  The US is in such a rut right now.... the economic crisis, the never-ending war in Iraq, the insanely high cost of healthcare premiums, dependency on foreign oil...all this and a $10 Trillion debt!  We really need someone who will turn the country around and get people back up on their feet.  Someone who is ready to make fundamental policy changes and reverse this unsustainable course.  Of course I've chosen my favorite player and I expect others to respect my choice, just like I respect theirs.  But why do people feel the need to write me snide comments, telling me I'm wrong, that I shouldn't even vote as I'm less of an American for living abroad?  I mean, WTF?  Are people that ignorant?  I don't go around trolling people's blogs or facebook pages so I can disagree with their voting preferences!  I constantly receive little messages telling me I'm misguided, that I need to do my research,  that my choice makes them sick.  Will things like this sway my decision, hell no!  It's called tolerance, people!  And when I see these inconsiderate, insulting and uncivilized remarks it just gives me even more cause to stick with my candidate.  Come on- why would I want to join a group of supporters that don't even know how to have a clean debate?!

Ok well that was my rant of the day...but the purpose of this message can be summed up by something a wise old friend of mine recently said: "Who cares who you're voting for, just as long as we can all agree that Peach Cobbler is delicious."  A very wise friend, indeed!  


Isabelle said...

Bonjour Emily! I'm new to your blog, and really like it so far.

There is also a big animosity, here in France, during the presidential elections, between the supporters of the 2 runners. Well, it would be more accurate to say that some people who vote left can be very agressive to those who vote right.

Unfortunately it seems to be a universal behaviour, although I thought that the Americans were much more tolerant than the French!

Emily Marie said...

It's funny you say that. I happen to find that the French are much more tolerant of eachother's political preferences! The French love a good debate and they tend to get pretty heated suring a political argument but at the end they shake hands and everything's fine. In the US, people prefer to "stick to their own kind," meaning they usually have friends that think the same, politically. I think it's sad that we can't have a healthy debate and just agree to disagree afterwards....