Monday, October 13, 2008

Another weekend has come and gone too quickly in Paris. I spent Friday night babysitting my two favorite little French girls; it seems I still get to see them after all! Saturday was such a gorgeous day. I spent it lunching with my belle-mere, meeting a friend who is now teaching English in Amiens for an overpriced café at Trocadero, and window shopping on the Rue de Passy. Later on when the noise from excited soccer fans became too much for me in my tiny Parisian apartment, I decided to meet up with some other American ex-pats for some girl talk and delicious, homemade mexican grub. There is a huge blogging community in Paris and I've been so lucky to meet these women who I would have never gotten to know if it weren't for the internet! J likes to call them my "weird internet friends" but whatever. We chatted about jobs, strange things our significant others do (Is it just a French thing or...), missing Target, the works. Although I think I can hold my own pretty well in French conversation, it's always nice to be able to gab with the girls en Anglais. It's like a breath of fresh air after being stuck in a French bubble.

We also had a meeting with the ouvriers at our new aparment. They should start renovations beginning in November and we should be able (fingers crossed) to move in mid-December. I'm seriously counting down the days until I can stop living out of suitcases (not enough room in our armoire) and can get rid of all the piles that seem to find their way into every corner of our petit studio. Just 9 weeks. I have to keep telling myself that. 9 weeks.

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